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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sweet Peeps Date ♥

Credits to Hao for the shooting!
Love this picture much ♥

Sweet peeps date after back from uni
darn long never hang out since few centuries.LOL
I'm so surprised that vivienne done a hand made cake for miie
was so shock when get into the car and saw the box of cake
It tooks her 5 hours to complete the cake
It is damn deliciouss that you cant imagine ♥

Dint snap much picture that day
sorrie for the blur of the picture 
cause it is too dark for taking picture

Thankiew my babyy!
ily. smoochess*


Hang out again with the sweet one on mon.
date to red dot for k session
I miss her voice! her voice is always the impressive onee ♥
manage to snap a few picturees while otw fetching her

went Paddington for brunch
thumbs up for the dessert and meals!

Lots more picture in my facebook ♥
browse it :)
had our dinner at QuanLin steamboat
is another steamboat shop like La Mei Zhi
a typical china woman who owns that shop
the more cheaper price than La Mei Zhi
could have a try some day!

Can't resist the soup

哪怕只有她 他 你 或 我

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