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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sweet Peeps Date ♥

Credits to Hao for the shooting!
Love this picture much ♥

Sweet peeps date after back from uni
darn long never hang out since few centuries.LOL
I'm so surprised that vivienne done a hand made cake for miie
was so shock when get into the car and saw the box of cake
It tooks her 5 hours to complete the cake
It is damn deliciouss that you cant imagine ♥

Dint snap much picture that day
sorrie for the blur of the picture 
cause it is too dark for taking picture

Thankiew my babyy!
ily. smoochess*


Hang out again with the sweet one on mon.
date to red dot for k session
I miss her voice! her voice is always the impressive onee ♥
manage to snap a few picturees while otw fetching her

went Paddington for brunch
thumbs up for the dessert and meals!

Lots more picture in my facebook ♥
browse it :)
had our dinner at QuanLin steamboat
is another steamboat shop like La Mei Zhi
a typical china woman who owns that shop
the more cheaper price than La Mei Zhi
could have a try some day!

Can't resist the soup

哪怕只有她 他 你 或 我

Monday, November 7, 2011

21st Hawaii Style Birthday Party

Time flies!

It had been few months I've stop blogging
since March 13,2011 till now
I've reactivate my bloggers account and nuffnang account
only I realized that my Nuffnang account is still earning money for me
thankiew to the readers that view my blog often
although i've stop bloggin for so long. guilty* 

well, I'm gonna blog about my 21st birthday bash in this post
hope u guys enjoy about it ;)

The venue of the birthday bash held at El Casa Wine & Dine Restaurant 
Add : 2, Jalan Irrawady, 10500, Penang.
PIC: James 012-9793318

The venue is awesome place for celebration and events
It has they own private car park to fit all the guest car
James provide us free food test few weeks before the birthday event
Thankiew so much James! U're awesome ;) 

The event planner : Theodora Production
Email : theodora.info@gmail.com
PIC: Nick Ooi 016-4163338
Thanks to Nick and the crew members!
The decoration is damn awesome!
I can't believe that they did a great job for the themes!
Don't hesitate to rang em up for any event function ;)

Handmade Crepe Hawaii Paper Flora Lei
Handmade from : Seni Qanasuri
Her handmade art work is fabulous
Thank god that 76pcs of the flora lei manage to reach in time!
love it so much!

Thankiew so much everyone!
Facebook, text message, birthday party and etc!
I'm bless so much for the wishes and the attending!
Check out more picture in my facebook ;)
Sorry for the blur spot of some picture (:

The best 21st birthday pressie for myself
as a reward for myself in my career in the past 1st year

Pressie from hubbyboyy 

and the pressie from all my friends!
Thankiew so much 

Blog soon for the next outing!
Stay Turned.